Balfour Meagher offer a number of training programs specific to board directors, business owners, operators, project managers and contract managers.

Watch our video to understand the focus of our business training offering.

For Board Directors

Our training for Board Directors includes:

  • Board Director Duties and Liabilities;
  • Accelerating Board of Management Team Performance; and
  • Governance in Overcoming Cyber-Security and Information Technology Risk.

For Business Owners and Operators

Our training for Business Owners and Operators includes:

  • M&A Negotiations and Structuring Deals;
  • Successful Lease Reviews, Negotiations and Strategies;
  • Understanding the Law: Employees Versus Subcontractors; and
  • Overcoming Employee Headaches through Smart Employment Contracting.

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For Project Managers, Contract Managers and Contract Administrators

Our training for those involved in contract management includes:

  • Negotiations; and
  • Contract Management.

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How do I Get More Information?

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