Technology ecommerce

Balfour Meagher acts for a wide-range of businesses in the Technology Law sectors, from local start-ups to international tech companies & IP licensing groups.

We are experienced legal and business advisors who understand Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), and have lawyers who specialise in technology, digital, online and ecommerce matters.

Balfour Meagher delivers practical and cost-effective advice, documents and agreements for any clients whose businesses and industries deal with technology, digital and ecommerce.  We have extensive experience in structuring, drafting, negotiating and managing complex commercial arrangements and advising on a broad range of technology matters.

Our Experience & Expertise with eCommerce

Our Technology Law team is led by our director Tom Meagher, who also has been:

  • a systems’ designer for a national debt collection business owned by law firms;
  • the Operations Manager for a national financial advisory and IT-platform provider;
  • owned and managed an IT consultancy business as well as being a Microsoft-certified Project Manager;
  • the Legal Technology Manager for one of the international law firms who worked on the largest corporate matter in Australian legal history, the Bell Group case;
  • a key presenter for the WA Innovator of the Year Awards (IOTYA) program for many year and being on on the IOTYA’s judging panels;
  • as well as being a member of the WA Innovation Centre’s specialist advisory panel.

Further Tom has a strong reputation for professional service, enthusiasm and the ability to deliver cost-effective results for matters relating to technology, data, internet and relevant intellectual property (IP) law and commercialisation.

We are therefore very capable and able to provide a wide range of bespoke advices, seminars  and documentation for:

Our range of Technology Law advice

  • Cloud-based as well as ‘clicks & mortar’ businesses.
  • Software procurement, development and integration agreements’ formation guidance ( Terms Sheets, MoUs etc).
  • FinTech, MedTech and AgriTech businesses.
  • Local and international eCommerce matters.
  • Wi-Fi, Embedded and MLSP Networks matters.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) matters.
  • Enterprises Systems  including:
    • Enterprise Business System (EBS)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM); and
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Practice Management Systems.
  • Blockchain technologies, ‘smart contracts’ and process legal-validation advices.
  • Specialist technologies and systems such as:
    • Genetics Sequencing-analysis software
    • Share and Options-trading platforms
    • Financial Advisory and Credit Licensing platforms’ advice
    • Building-construction systems
    • Agribusiness software platforms
    • Geofencing technologies
    • Gaming systems.
  • Commercialising and Licensing Anonymised Meta-Data from Personal Information webinar March 2020
  • Internet Service Provider issues (including all broadband applications)
  • IT Distribution and Reseller matters
  • IT Product liability matters
  • Intellectual Property (IP) related-matters (see IP Commercialisation and Brand protection)
  • Our Range of Technology Law agreements and documentation.

Our Range of Technology Law agreements and documentation

  • All types Software Development, Licensing and Distribution Agreements including:
    • ‘White Label’ arrangements,
    • Software-as-a-Service (SasS); and
    • Software-as-a-Platform (SaaP)
  • Website and App development contracts (including for iOS, Android and web-based apps).
  • Platform-provider advices (including modular data centres).
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) licensing agreements
  • Cloud-storage and back-up arrangements.
  •  Panel ICT Contracts for WALGAmembersand other Government bodies.
  • Collaborative Research Agreements (including with Universities).
  • Creator, Streamer and Influencer Agreements’ advice, negotiations and documentation (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitch etc)
  • Internet and cyber-issues advices (including assisting IT forensics’ teams).
  • Drone and UAV technology contracts.
  • Outsourcing agreements.
  • Sale/acquisition of technology business agreements.
  • Software and Source Code Escrow agreements.
  • Hardware Vendor and Procurement arrangements.
  • Telecommunications law (including laws governing Voice Over IP – VoIP)
  • Website agreements – Terms of Use and Privacy Policies (including GDPRs-compliance).

Privacy, Data & Security

  • Access Codes and Passwords advices.
  • Privacy, Encryption and Data Security policies.
  • Notifiable Data Breach Policies.
  • Obtaining Data with and without consent/Opt-in & Opt-out advices; including Freedom of Information issues.
  • ‘Reverse-engineering’ and Software piracy protection.
  • Spam Act and Electronic Transactions Act advices.
  • Privacy and Cyber security audits (in conjunction with IT and digital forensics advisers).
  • Cyber-hijacking & attacks’ mitigation strategies (in conjunction with specialist IT and insurance advisers.

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