Expertise Specialist





Balfour Meagher prides itself on its high level of expertise and professionalism, being a Perth-based specialist law and advisory firm with clients located through Australia and worldwide.  Our very experienced yet personable lawyers are dedicated to providing modern, comprehensive and cost-effective legal advice & bespoke documentation for business and personal matters.

Our strategy and approach in each services’ division centres on three key areas:

  • complex legal services (traditional legal work);
  • managed legal services (legal processed work); and
  • connected services (complementary non-legal services).

By utilising our extensive knowledge, combined with deep legal expertise, we are able to work in a highly-effective manner all types of our client’s core and specialised transactions & matters.

We always provide the highest standard of profesional, legal and business advisory services in all our core and specialised areas:


Commercial Law
Property & Leasing Law
Estate & Business Succession Planning
Conveyancing / Settlements


Property Development
Technology & Internet Law
IP Commercialisation & Brand Protection
Specialist Medical, Pharmacy and Healthcare Service Providers
Indigenous Corporations & Trusts Services
Loans & Security Arrangements



The following services are provided by our inhouse digital forensic police licensed investigator to primarily support litigation and insurance matters:

  • Video enhancement and analysis;
  • Facial recognition analysis;
  • Examination of video, audio and digital image files suspected of being manipulated;
  • Video, audio and digital image enhancements;
  • Authenticity examination;
  • Calculation of measurements; and
  • Expert Witness (Digital Forensics – Multimedia)